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Gordon Cragg - heart breaker and home wrecker.

Give her one for me Gordon.

Gordon Cragg with head bowed showing his bold crown smogs Phennel as she sits at the edge of the stage with reb bra straps showing above the towel she is wrapped in.

"Have you any idea just how early I had to get up this morning just to wash this one tit. I daren't get the other one out, it's still mucky."
"By, but it wer wuth lov, that's the cleanest tit we've ever seen down here at the Variety Club."

Woman with leopard skin scarf exposes one bussem to a shocked looking Gordon Cragg, who is seated at the bingo table, an array of fairy lights twinkle gently in the back ground conjuring the image of Blackpool illminations.

If only I could remember what they where for I'd do somert with em dear.

Gordon Cragg seated at a bingo table mouth agog and eyes wide as lady exposes her mamaries

No breast feeding while I'm calling these numbers, unless your gonna be feeding me and Oz.

Gordon Cragg seated at bingo table and attached by the lips to a womans bared breast

A split arse has won the line. Get your tits out, get your tits out, get your tits out for the lads, cause we want to lick 'em, get your tits out for the lads. Get your tits out, get your tits out, get your tits out for the lads, cause we want to adore 'em, get your tits out for the lads. Gordon Cragg stands to one side while a lucky line caller enjoys the oppurtunity to divest herself of her articles of upper clothing

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