Variety club homepage.

The Variety club is something special. All words seem inept at trying to describe it. Language itself is inadequate to capture the essence of itís ambience, the magic of itís atmosphere. For those that have not visited the club and been captivated by itís spell, no amount of dry prose, no number of dead photographs of frozen moments in time can hope to convey what it is that makes the Variety a unique, vibrant, life affirming attraction. For those that have been, have seen the Damascene light, one word will suffice to convey all that is the wonder of the experience known as The Variety. One single noun expresses everything, to the disciples of this latter day church. And that wondrous word, those two scintillating syllables, ...is GORDON.

Click on one on the four thumb nail pictures below for pictures of Gordon Cragg calling the bingo at the Variety Club in Radford Nottingham.

Pictures of Gordon Cragg from other parts of the Variety club show.