Easter Sunday
27th March 2005

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Easter Sunday provided us with the largest crowd since Gordon and Oz retired. Gordon and Shelia were in the audience and Joe King was the comedian.

Roger the cabin boy.

Pav finds time for a lite snack.

Pav contemplates the error of his ways.

Not content with winning the bingo at her first attempt, Shelia practices whacking Pav round the head with a plastic bottle. Just to make sure she not lost her touch. Now when she gets home she'll be ready for Gordon with the real thing.

Pav finds the toilets are just tooooo far away.

There was some dispute as to wether to perform YMCA or in the navy.

Joe King performs at the variety in his Union Jack shorts and shirt.

Ho di ho di ho.

Degrading to men. It shouldn't be allowed.

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